Procedure for Misdemeanor Violations

For Example:

DUI, Suspended Drivers License, Alcohol, Theft, Domestic Violence, Assault, etc.

The citation (ticket) you received gives you 14 days to contact the court to schedule date and time to appear in court.

You may get an attorney to represent you if you wish, but it is not necessary in Justice Court.

If you feel that you need a court appointed attorney you may ask the Judge if you qualify at the time you appear for arraignment.


1. Call the Court to schedule your court date.  When you come to court you will be asked to enter a plea described below.

2. Enter Plea:

  • "Guilty"
    If you plead guilty you may give an explanation to the judge. The judge will listen to what you have to say. However, your explanation may or may not influence the sentencing.
  • "No Contest"
    This means that you do not wish to contest the citation (same as guilty with same sentencing).
  • "NOT Guilty"
    (feel you did not do what is charged on the citation)