Invitation to Bid – Office Remodel

Naples City Invitation to Bid

Naples City Office Building Remodel

Naples City is now accepting bids from licensed general contractors for the remodel of the Naples City Offices. Interested general contractors may contact Jim Harper, Naples City Road Superintendent, by phone: 435-828-5554; or by email: to obtain a set of bid documents or contact Naples City at 435-789-9090. Sealed bids will be received until 4 pm MST on August 12, 2019 by Joshua Bake at the Naples City Offices. Naples City reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all bids.

Received bids will be presented to the City Council at their regularly scheduled meeting held on August 22, 2019.

Advertisement dates: July 23 and July 30

A pre-bid conference will be held on on August 6th at 9AM at the Naples City Offices.

This is a mandatory pre-bid meeting.

Glass Doors:

·        Both sides; Remove frame and glass door in archway.  Remove end frame and glass. Install door in the center of the end.

·        Specs: All glass installed must be safety glass.  ADA doors on both sides.


·        Build a dormer style above the entrance to divert the snow and water to the sides.

·        On both sides remove the heat tape, snow dams and gutter.



·        West side:  Tear out 112’ of sidewalk 5’ wide as marked. Pour 42’ of 5’ and 10’ of 6’ wide sidewalk. And 28’ of curb

·        East side: Tear out 118’ of sidewalk 5’ wide as marked. Pour 50’ of 5’ and 10’ of 6’ wide sidewalk. And 28’ of curb.

·        Need a 4” pipe under the 6’ sidewalk for future repairs.

·        ADA Ramps on both sides of the building.

·        Two bids:  One as explained above.  Second bid to include one regular sidewalk and one heated sidewalk.



·        Specs:  All rock to be the same as built at the new fire station.

·        Arches in breeze way; Install rock on the outside and inside the arches.

·        Wall texture on the inside of the breeze way arches to be the same as the other textured walls. The arch that was a doorway to be enclosed with rock.

·        North end on east and west sides; to be done with rock removing the arch design on these walls. And making a straight design around the windows.

·        North wall bid for (1) rock on the full wall. (2)  rock up to end of roof level. (3} no change on this wall.


Sprinkler system restored to working condition.

2 trees moved to another spot.

Rock for rock beds

Relocate big rocks

Finish landscape

Asphalt west side 21’X5’

Asphalt on east side 22’X5’

Relocate the entrance lights

Remove current parking stripes and re-mark in new locations.

Sidewalk standard is UDOT specs and Naples Road standards.

Asphalt standard is UDOT specs and Naples Road standards.



Jim Harper               435-828-5554

Joshua Bake             435-299-2219


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