Notice of Intent to Prepare Amendments to the Naples City General Plan

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Naples City, Utah intends during the 2020 calendar year to prepare amendments to the Naples City General Plan. The proposed amendments will include comprehensive elements amending existing city plans and policy for growth and development within, and around, Naples City. The plan will primarily consider land use, housing, transportation, and capital investment issues within the political boundaries and proposed annexation areas of Naples City. 

This notice is provided pursuant to Utah State Code (10-9a-2 et al). The public and each of the Affected Entities are invited and will have several opportunities to provide information for the city to consider in the process of preparing, adopting, and implementing the proposed plan amendments concerning (a) impacts that the use of land covered by the plan amendments may have on such Affected Entity: and (b) uses of land within the city that such Affected Entity is planning or considering that may conflict with the plan amendments. The City’s website will host draft documents, meeting schedules, contact information, etc. It can be found at:

Interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to future notices through the State Public Notice website ( for further information including detailed meeting agendas and other issues related to the planning process. 

Documents pertinent to this effort will be made available online and/or by contacting Mike Hansen with Rural Community Consultants,, (801) 550-5075.